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If there is a guiltiest of guilty pleasures, Dream Lover is definitely a candidate for the position. James Spader plays a successful architect and recent divorcee who spills wine on a hot woman at an art gallery, causing her to completely freak out and make him feel like a damn fool. A week or so later, they run into each other (not literally, this time) at a supermarket and in the blink of an eye have sex, get married and have kids. The End? Ha! Seemingly just as quickly, Spader’s committed to a mental institution, convinced that his wife is having an affair, suspicious that his kids aren’t actually his and pretty sure his “dream lover” conjured this whole scenario just to get his money. Is he right? Heh heh… probably. Besides another great Spader performance, you also get to see Twin Peaks alum Madchen Amick naked all over the place — and being evil.