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There aren’t too many “science fiction slasher” movies, so take ’em when you can! In the year 2455, Earth is a contaminated hell hole that’s been abandoned for centuries, but wouldn’t you know, Mr. Voorhees (and a hot government scientist) are discovered by a visiting Earth Two archaelogy class frozen and perfectly preserved. The extremely foolish students take the bodies back to their spaceship and… well, you can guess what happens next. Screenwriter Todd Farmer’s desperate “Jason in Space” pitch to New Line Cinema as a way to keep the franchise alive whilst Freddy vs. Jason wallowed in development hell ended up being a pretty good call — Jason X is by no means a great movie, but its novelty keeps it interesting and watchable throughout, which is more than you can say for most of the other Friday the 13th movies. You also get a scene where Jason fights a hot female android (called “KM-14,” at that) — that kind of thing doesn’t happen very often, nor will it happen ever again, so enjoy.

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