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Screenwriter Richard Matheon’s extremely watered-down adaptation of his own extremist horror novel, Hell House, might be a disappointment to those who were hoping to see the book’s deviant sexual content (and graphic violence) come to life, but taken as PG-rated “re-imagining” of sorts, The Legend of Hell House still makes for one of the best haunted house movies of all time. Four people — a physicist, his wife, a “mental” medium and a “physical” medium — are hired by an eccentric millionaire to spend some time in “the Mount Everest of haunted houses,” the Belasco House, to prove once and for all if there is “survival after death.” Oh, there’s survival after death, all right — the perverted sadist who once owned the house, Emeric Belasco, is making all sorts of scary things happen within the walls of his abode… from beyond the grave! Good stuff — the possessed cat scene in particular is quite the doozy.