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Thornton Melon (Rodney Dangerfield) is the owner of the popular “Tall and Fat” clothing line (“When you look at a menu, do you say, ‘Okay?'”), a self-made millionaire haunted by his father telling him, “If a man’s got no education, he’s got nothing.” When his own son (Keith Gordon) announces his plans to drop out of college, Thornton enrolls in an attempt to win his son’s “respect” (heh heh) — and to finally get that diploma (and romance the sexy English teacher, too). Back to School is the perfect Rodney Dangerfield premise, allowing the comedian the ideal backdrop for his trademark one-liners and goofy shenanigans (including, believe it or not, high diving) — you also get a young Robert Downey, Jr. as Gordon’s roommate and a cameo by Sam Kinison as a rather excitable Professor of Contemporary American History.

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