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Yeah, it’s an adaptation of a Dean Koontz novel, which means… well, which means that it’s technically not very “good,” we suppose, at least if you’re talking the traditional definition of “good.” But it does have Jeff Goldblum running around and freaking out as only Jeff Goldblum can, trying to make sense of horrific visions of death and prophecy after Alfred Molina brings him back to life after being clinically dead for two hours following a car accident. Alicia Silverstone (who appeared in Clueless the same year) plays Goldblum’s terrorized daughter, Christine Lahti plays his confused wife, Rae Dawn Chong is the psychic forced to deliver all sorts of expositional/explanatory mumbo-jumbo and Jeremy Sisto is the scowling servant of Satan who’s up to no good — how can you not dig a cast like that? Sure, it’s ridiculous, but it’s trying so hard… you can love it a little, can’t you?

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