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Wild at Heart is one of David Lynch‘s lesser works, which means it’s only better than, say, 96% of anything else out there, rather than the usual 100%. Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage) and Lula Fortune (Laura Dern) let nothing stand in the way of their love: not Lula’s psycho momma (Diane Ladd, frickin’ amazing), not the private detective she put on their trail (Harry Dean Stanton) and not a cuckoo bird like Bobby Peru (Willem Dafoe, alternately terrifying and hilarious). Almost all of Lynch’s films serve as odes to the transcendent power of love (think about it; it’s true), and Wild at Heart has a lot of love to give: rough, tough, hot and dangerous love, the kind that hits the road in a convertible in search of the yellow brick road. A must-see for fans; all others tread with extreme caution.