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A comedy that probably looked great on paper (or on stone tablets, rather, HA!) unfortunately somewhat lacks in the execution, save for two or three truly inspired laugh-out-loud moments that may prove to cause injury to yourself and others. Paul Rudd reunites with his Wet Hot American Summer (and, later, Role Models) director David Wain for this series of vignettes based on, of course, the Ten Commandments; Rudd makes a good emcee of sorts, Liev Schreiber is wonderfully deadpan as a man who wants to covet his neighbor’s catscan machine, Winona Ryder kind of embarrasses herself (she’s always been hit or miss with comedy)… yeah, it’s a mixed bag, and unfortunately nothing in the movie is quite as funny as the cast list that closes the trailer. But still, for those two or three moments we mentioned earlier…

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