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A mild romantic comedy/farce (a pretty good one) disguised as a big-budget action movie (a pretty great one), True Lies feels like James Cameron letting his hair down — it’s a silly, exciting, anything- (and everything-) goes party of a movie, complete with a horse/motorcycle chase (though a five-star hotel, at that), a Jamie Lee Curtis strip tease and a bad guy meeting his end by being strapped to a missile and fired into a helicopter. Arnold Schwarzenegger (also clearly having a blast) is the alleged computer salesman who’s actually a government spy; he ends up with his biggest and most dangerous assignment yet after his bored wife (Curtis) embarks on an adventure of her own with a sleazy car salesman (Bill Paxton). True Lies is a big, loud, terrific movie, period — one pretty much completely stolen by the severely underrated Tom Arnold as Schwarzenegger’s wisecracking partner.

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