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The third (and probably final, at this point) installment in the Austin Powers series isn’t as bad as some would claim, though it’s most definitely the weakest entry in a franchise with a premise that was kind of on thin ice from the beginning. Mike Myers is clearly having a blast (playing four roles in this one, including the villainous ’70s pimp or whatever, Goldmember), but everyone else looks either tired or embarrassed (or, in the case of Robert Wagner, both) — except for Beyonce Knowles, who makes for the best (and hottest) Powers Girl as the sassy, saucy Foxxy Cleopatra. The movie works best whenever Beyonce’s around, though Dr. Evil proves he’s still got some life left in him as he provides some of the film’s best gags — and Michael Caine, as Austin’s estranged father, Nigel, has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. Ultimately, if someone had actually directed these movies (Jay Roach was little more than a Yes-man to Myers’ every whim), they might now be considered comedy classics… alas, these fitfully amusing flicks may be doomed for nostalgic obscurity.

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