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One of the first movies adapted from a comic book very few people had ever heard of (and those few who had didn’t care), Barb Wire was supposed to be Pamela Anderson‘s breakthrough role from television (Baywatch, for the record) to movies. Based somewhat on Casablanca (isn’t everything, in a way, really?), Barb Wire features Pamela in the title role, a mercenary and night club owner in a cyberpunk future entrusted with a pair of contact lenses that are key to exposing a political scandal. Cheap-looking and just plain misguided in every department (except where it counts, and you know what we mean), Barb Wire tanked at the box office and didn’t do anything for anybody. It was also nominated for a number of 1996 Golden Raspberry Awards: Worst Picture, Worst Actress (Pamela Anderson), Worst Screen Couple (Pamela Anderson’s breasts), Worst Screenplay (Chuck Pfarrer and Ilene Chaiken), Worst New Star (Pamela Anderson) (won) and Worst Original Song (“Welcome to Planet Boom!”, written by Tommy Lee, natch). And we’re serious about that Worst Screen Couple part.

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