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“They shouldn’t have put him in the water if they didn’t want him to make waves.” Yeah, that’s right! The “him” in question is, of course, Bruce Willis, who plays a disgraced detective that’s been demoted to stinkin’ water duty. Soon, he and his hot partner (Sarah Jessica Parker) start to find his various ex-lovers dead in the river and, wouldn’t you know it, it looks like the M.O. of the serial killer that still haunts Bruce’s troubled past — and whom he still believes is a fellow officer. Striking Distance is minor Bruce (meaning that you’d think he wouldn’t do mediocre action movies after doing one of the greatest action movies of all time), but hey, it’s still Bruce, and Sarah Jessica Parker looks great in (and out) of her bathing suit, so what’s not to like? Get in the water and make waves! Directed by Rowdy Harrington, who brought us the Patrick Swayze classic, Road House. Awesome.

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