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A tale of madness set during the hot and wet summer of ’81, Wet Hot American Summer chronicles the last day of Camp Firewood before everyone is off to the real world once again, though there’s an entire summer’s worth of business to resolve before anyone can pack it in — there’s a piece of NASA’s SkyLab hurtling toward the earth, sure, but that’s nothing compared to the daring waterfall rescue, various love triangles and looming talent show. This one’s got heart and laughs in equal measure; it may claim to “give homage” to raunchy comedies of yesteryear like Meatballs and whatnot, but you know that? It’s better than that crap. The cast is all sorts of killer, including David Hyde Pierce, Janeane Garofalo, Molly Shannon, Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper, but it’s Paul Rudd who owns the grounds as Andy, the worst boyfriend ever.

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