New On Netflix: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

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Or, Kevin Smith Has the Last Laugh. It was a miracle that Clerks got made (on a bunch of credit cards) and even more remarkable that the powers that be at Sundance said, “This one,” though really, the most astonishing thing this kid from New Jersey has ever pulled off is convincing a major movie studio to supply the crew and pick up the tab for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, a series of inside jokes and self-congratulatory appearances by almost every character that had up to that point ever opened their filthy mouth in a Kevin Smith movie. That’s not all — Smith also got Will Ferrell to play a dumb cop and convinced some of the hottest Hollywood babes (at the time) to dress up in black leather — he even got one of them (Shannon Elizabeth) to make out with his idiot pal Jason Mewes. HOW DID THIS MOVIE HAPPEN? Whatever Machiavellian deal was involved, we’re glad it worked out, because Kevin’s last laugh is on us, too — the stupid thing is actually pretty damn funny. Smith has since struggled to find his cinematic voice beyond the View Askewiverse, but back in 2001, he knew exactly what he wanted to say and exactly how he wanted to say it. Good for you, Jersey Boy.