New On Netflix: The Edge

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Screenwriter David Mamet’s swaggering tale of men (Mamet Men, at that) vs. nature is a nail-biting, rip-roaring, postcard-pretty portrait (the Alaskan wilderness is stunning) of survival and sexual competition. Anthony Hopkins is the introspective, melancholy billionaire and Alec Baldwin is the cocky fashion photographer sleeping with his trophy wife (Elle MacPherson) — two alpha males lost in the Great Outdoors with nothing but their wits and a pocket knife. Mamet’s script is one of his best, full of tension, suspense and plenty of fractured Mamet-Speak that works for the scenario rather than against it (which isn’t always the case with the writer’s works)… and, of course, Bart the Bear steals the show as the bloodthirsty and truly terrifying Grizzly out to make a meal out of the feuding rivals. Directed by Lee Tamahori, who would go on to direct one of the most absurd James Bond adventures ever, Die Another Day.

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