New On Netflix: Birdemic: Shock and Terror

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Writer-director James Nguyen’s pro-entrepreneurial, pro-environment romance chronicles the blossoming love affair between Rod (Alan Bagh), a software engineer turned hotshot salesman, and Nathalie (Whitney Moore), a fashion model. Rod’s company is acquired for a billion bucks and his stock options allow him to retire early and fund his true passion for solar panel construction and sales, whilst Natalie ignores her mother’s advice to become a real estate agent and gets rich by being hot after scoring an exclusive Victoria’s Secret gig. They drive around San Francisco in Rod’s blue Ford Mustang (a “plug-in hybrid,” as he’s quick to point out to his colleague who thinks he could use a Ferrari), going on double dates with their respective best pals who also happen to be seeing each other (“Man, that was a good movie: An Inconvenient Truth,” Rod says almost directly to the camera) and pretty much flip the bird to the recession with their youth and success. Uh oh… did someone mention “bird?” Wouldn’t you know it, the morning after Rod and Nathalie finally get physical (her in Victoria’s Secret underwear, him completely clothed, and the clock at 47 freakin’ minutes in), a bunch of CGI birds (courtesy of an illegally downloaded and outdated version of After Effects, probably) suddenly descend upon the city, terrorizing our two lovers and the members of the “Supporting Casts” (as the opening credits call them) as they dive-bomb everything below like kamikaze pilots and explode on impact (yes, we said “explode”). Yeah, you’re going to go watch this right now, aren’t you?