New On Netflix: Wild Target

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A cute, droll British caper from director Jonathan Lynn (who also gave us another cute, droll British caper more than 20 years ago, Nuns on the Run) that, if nothing else, proves that Rupert Grint has a pretty good shot at a career after Harry Potter. The former (and forever) Ron Weasley more than holds his own as the somewhat accidental sidekick of a veteran assassin (Grint’s Deathly Hallows – Part 1 co-star, Bill Nighy) who ends up sparing the life of his latest target (Emily Blunt) because… well, because she’s really hot. This sudden show of real human emotion (and professional recklessness) throws him head-first into a doozy of an existential crisis, during which he must deal with his overbearing mother and his employer (a nearly unrecognizable Rupert Everett), who’s none too happy about hiring a hit man who didn’t actually go through with the hit. As you can probably imagine, it’s really all much ado about nothing (it’s one of those light-as-air crime comedies where there’s not one moment where it feels like anyone’s in any actual danger), but Wild Target has charm and energy to spare — Blunt makes for a classy femme fatale, and it’s fun to watch Grint do yet another reactionary role (no one can do exasperated quite like the young wizard) but in such a relatively “real world” context. Everett, of course, threatens to steal the show playing what could be a ten-years-later version of his B. Monkey character.

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