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If you’ve sworn off Vincent Gallo for the rest of your life upon the aftermath of his much-maligned road trip movie (or whatever it’s supposed to be), “The Brown Bunny” — you know, the one in which Chloe Sevigny gives him a blowjob (for real!) — then we hope you’ve already seen Gallo’s previous auteur effort, the rather wonderful Buffalo ’66. Gallo wrote, directed and stars in this one-of-a-kind romance in which a troubled young man kidnaps (kind of, anyway) a young dancer (Christina Ricci) and presents her as his new bride to his hard-to-please parents (Ben Gazzara and Angelica Huston). One of the few ’90s indie movies that deserves to wear that label with pride, Buffalo ’66 is weird, dangerous, endlessly creative (some of the visual flourishes, such as a fantasy suicide sequence that features a series of “live” freeze frames, are astonishingly beautiful) and ultimately rather touching. Everyone does excellent work here, even though working for Gallo was reportedly something akin to bizarro slave labor fraught with mental and emotional abuse; Kevin Corrigan is especially good as Gallo’s long-suffering pal who never fails to answer the phone when he calls.

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