New On Netflix: Saw: The Final Chapter

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The sporadically innovative and occasionally brilliant Saw series ends not so much with a roar but a sputtering whimper with this final installment; really, if the filmmakers had spent as much time on the script as they did on the (ultimately lame) 3D effects, we might’ve had a closing chapter worthy of Jigsaw’s considerable legacy. Unfortunately, we’re left with the story of Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery), a first-class loser turned successful self-help guru after he (supposedly) survives his own run-in with Jigsaw; he ends up being clumsily connected to various Saw players from the past (including Cary Elwes‘ Dr. Lawrence Gordon from the original film) as he traverses his own deadly “game.” Cheap-looking, moronic, senselessly violent and mind-numbingly cruel without the usually redeeming “morality play” themes of most of the previous installments, Saw: The Final Chapter makes even hardcore fans of the series glad that it’s finally all over — you get a sense that the producers just didn’t care any more after realizing that their audience had since become distracted by the Paranormal Activity movies.