New On Netflix: Creepshow 2

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As tired as the original Creepshow was inspired, Creepshow 2 compiles three new tales of (would-be) terror from Stephen King and George Romero. “Old Chief Wood’nhead” follows the vengeful rampage of a wooden Native American statue that comes to life after the kindly elderly couple that owns the cigar shop at which it’s stationed are murdered during a robbery led by a no-good long-haired tribesman on his way to Los Angeles (“This hair’s going to get me paid and laid in Hollywood!”); “The Raft” features four college students whose impromptu dip at an isolated lake turns into a nightmare when they’re terrorized by an oil-like blob that picks them off one by one (they obviously didn’t see the “No Swimming” sign); and “The Hitchhiker” follows an adulterous woman who ends up haunted by the hitchhiker she smashed into as she was speeding along a country road trying to get home before her husband did (“Thanks for the ride, lady!”). Only “The Raft” delivers a handful of decent sort-of scares and mildly impressive gross-out moments; otherwise, Creepshow 2 has none of the spirit or storytelling chutzpah of its predecessor — it seems like this was just slapped together in a couple of weeks because either King or Romeo suddenly owed some back taxes. Followed by Creepshow III twenty years later, though without the involvement of anyone having to do with the first two installments — special effects makeup maestro and occasional actor Tom Savini actually considers 1990’s not-bad Tales From the Darkside: The Movie to be the true third Creepshow.