New On Netflix: The Warrior’s Way

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Writer-director Sngmoo Lee’s silly but immensely likable action fantasy was probably pitched as “a Western with ninjas” or some variation thereof; while there was probably no way the incredibly awesome movie in Lee’s head could ever be truly burned to light, The Warrior’s Way at least gives you an idea of it. In 19th century Asia, Yang (Jang Dong-gun) is a member of the Sad Flutes Clan, the cruelest assassins in the world; when his latest hit ends up being an infant, he grabs the baby and flees to the American West, where he befriends the town drunk (Geoffrey Rush), flirts with a hot ex-carny (Kate Bosworth) and raises the ire of a local villain who will only rape women with good teeth (Danny Huston). The rogue warrior’s former master eventually tracks him down, which leads to an epic martial arts battle at high noon in front of the sheriff’s office (or something like that). The Warrior’s Way is ultimately — and unfortunately — a case of terrific premise, so-so execution, but there’s enough visual razzle-dazzle on display to keep you entertained throughout; a stronger producer might’ve provided more of the discipline that Yang’s clan so emphasizes and made for a tighter, more coherent film. Jang Dong-gun is terrific in the lead role and is more than welcome to stake his claim as a Hollywood movie star whenever he feels like it; for now, he’ll next be playing Valmont in an Asian adaptation of Dangerous Liaisons.

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