New On Netflix: The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations

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Whoever thought that the much-maligned Ashton Kutcher vehicle The Butterfly Effect (which, for the record, is a better film than it’s given credit for) would spawn a couple of direct-to-DVD sequels? But here we have it, a series of B-movie sci-fi flicks in which meddling with time travel creates a bunch of increasingly more depressing alternate realities as the hero digs himself deeper and deeper into a metaphysical conundrum all in the name of trying to “fix” the past. This third installment follows Sam (Chris Carmack), a police informant who uses time travel (which can apparently be accomplished just by sitting in a tub of ice water) to go back to crime scenes and identify culprits (he claims he’s simply “psychic”); when he comes across new evidence that proves the innocence of a death row inmate convicted of killing his girlfriend ten years ago, Sam goes back in time to track down the culprit — and ends up making a mighty mess of things, inadvertently “creating” a serial killer who has it in for the pretty young women of Detroit. Starts off interestingly enough but, like its predecessors, quickly paints itself into a corner — just as Sam can’t get out of the endless loop of alternate realities, so too can’t the script itself, making for a film that’s made with a certain amount of cleverness but very little discipline. This is also the kind of movie where a guy stops banging a hot bartender (who seduced him earlier by serving him a “buttery nipple”) because he catches sight of a photo of his dead girlfriend on the coffee table, staring at him accusingly from beyond the grave — ugh.