New On Netflix: We Are The Night

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Don’t be fooled by the cheesy B-movie cover art (or the kind of awful title, at that); We Are the Night is actually a pretty classy vampire flick, a German import that concentrates on a young female thief (Karoline Herfurth) who gets bitten by a bloodsucking hottie (Nina Hoss) and is drawn into her nocturnal world — one that’s actually kind of depressing and lonely when you look past the partying all night with a dead gangster’s Lamborghini part of it. The film offers some good “vampire scenes” involving the usual elements of seduction and murder, though there’s more on the mind of We Are the Night than just thrills and titillation (and, rather surprisingly, there is no female nudity on display here) — it’s actually more interested in exploring the themes of depression, self-inflicted physical harm, suicide and the inevitably tragic consequences of immortality. The film may eventually run out of steam but it never loses its smarts, with both Herfurth and Hoss delivering good performances in the lead roles, along with Anna Fischer and Jennifer Ulrich as their two companions in eternal life — though whether it’s actually “life” and not simply “existence” is the main issue this melancholy film presents to all the goth kids out there who may wish they had fangs.