New On Netflix: Madonna’s Truth Or Dare

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Or, In Bed with Madonna, as it’s called in countries who have never played “Truth or Dare?” It’s probably unfair to call this shameless vanity project a true “documentary,” as you can tell the Material Girl had control over every single aspect and scenario depicted in the film (well, most of them, anyway), but there’s no denying that it’s a terrific piece of (completely manipulated) entertainment. Madonna: Truth or Dare chronicles — both offstage (black & white) and on- (color) — the 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour (a show which Kevin Costner at one point describes as “neat”), from rainy Japan to sunny Los Angeles to Madonna‘s hometown of Detroit to the final leg in Europe, a journey filled with technical problems, tearful reunions, sore throats, an attempted ban by the Pope himself, an oddly camera-shy Warren Beatty (whom Madonna was dating at the time), elaborate schemes on how to best seduce future Evita co-star Antonio Banderas and a big in-bed group hug with the show’s dancers that also includes, of course, a revelatory game of you-know-what. Madonna’s massive ego is on full display here, and she sometimes comes across as laughably self-delusional, but the film also allows us to see one of the most passionate and creative pop artists at work and play — one whose singing talents might be overshadowed by her uncanny ability to successfully sell herself to the entire world.

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