New On Netflix: Workaholics: Season 1

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Never was there a more ironically-named television series (except for maybe It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Comedy Central’s Workaholics follows the slacker exploits of three twentysomething friends and former college roommates — Blake (Blake Anderson), Adam (Adam DeVine) and Anders (Anders Holm) — who now live together in a house in Rancho Cucamonga, California, trying to avoid grown-up responsibilities as much as possible as they toil as worker bees (and share one common cubicle) at a telemarketing company. Workaholics doesn’t really offer anything new as it probes the dubious and almost insurmountably challenging transition into post-graduate adulthood; all of its insights feel familiar, like hanging out with a bunch of guys who tell the same old stories about high school over and over. But what makes this a must-see show are the mischievous and clever characterizations provided by Anderson, DeVine and Holm, whose three-way friendship comes across as completely genuine even if their situation seems recycled; the sweet-natured and often hopelessly naive ways in which they approach their various struggles and sometimes humiliating predicaments make Workaholics an endearing comedy series almost in spite of itself. The first season is available on Netflix; the second season recently finished its run on Comedy Central and the third has been confirmed.