Breakthrough Band: Toro Y Moi

Toro Y MoiChaz Bundick from Columbia already has quite a history regarding creative activities, at only 23 years old. Having played in a punk band and studying graphics design, he now releases his first album as Toro Y Moi. The longplayer going by the name Causers Of This proves that while Bundick’s music fits in nicely with the recent ‘glo-fi’ (yeah, it’s still that term) movement, he is heavily influenced by soul and electro funk of the late 70s and early 80s, R&B and also French House, much more than his peers Memory Tapes or Washed Out, meaning he definitely adds some extra sunbeams and sparkling to the shoreline scenario.

The album is coming out on Carpark Records on February 2nd, just right on time to make it your first “so looking forward to summer” record of the year. That said, a second album is already in the works and planned for an August release. But first things first, watch the video to “Blessa” after the jump – according to our friends over at Hipster Runoff the intention behind the video is “to capture the zeitgeist of the modern alternative human in a group setting,” and “chill house parties” are the new raves, maybe.

Check out the Breakthrough Band archive.

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