WATCH: Random Singapore Karaoke Girl is the Next Whitney Houston

This is why America is dying. We have roughly 19,000 talent shows and none of them have produced a talent that can compete with this random girl from Singapore. We have performers on a stages in arenas built to enhance acoustics that can’t compare to the sound this girl produces in what seems to be a mall.

Go ahead, listen. Yes, it’s a cheesy ass song (“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston), but she just straight kills that track in a way that strips it of its cheesiness and invigorates it with a joy for singing that even melts my cold cold heart. I can’t help but smile when hearing this girl sing.

Someone get her a recording contract right NOW.

This video is going to go viral. Watch it so you can talk to your friends about it before they tweet it at you and post it to their Facebook page.

Of course, karaoke can also swing to the other side of the spectrum such as this redneck karaoke, so be careful out there, kids.