Black Keys Drummer Changes Twitter Name to ‘Justin Bieber’

Black Keys drummer Pat Carney  continues Twitter beef with Justin Bieber over Grammy remarks

The world once thought there was only room for one Justin Bieber, but that quickly proved not to be the case. Pat Carney, drummer for the Black Keys, has made the next offensive against teenybopper Justin Bieber via Twitter, and Beliebers are REALLY pissed.

No, he didn’t burn down Bieber’s house, although that’s what his fans would have you believe after reading their disproportionately angry digs at Carney. All Carney did was change his username to read “Justin Bieber,” a seemingly simple prank. Even though Bieber has yet to respond to the change (and even though Carney’s name is already back to normal), it unleashed a virtual firestorm of infuriated tweets directed at Carney.

Many of the tweets were rife with grammatical errors, and many suggested that Carney himself was a closeted homosexual who teased Bieber out of some sort of convoluted sexual jealousy. Carney retweeted most of them. One tweet was particularly graphic:

Patrick Carney of the Black Keys has escalated his Twitter beef with Justin Bieber

Pass it on we will. Ouch.

This whole ordeal began when Bieber called Carney out over his Grammy win, saying that Carney needed to “be slapped around.” TMZ asked Carney how he felt about it, and he (pretty nonchalantly) said that he thought that since the Grammys weren’t about money that Bieber should be happy for what he had. Needless to say, the conflict didn’t end there.

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