Justin Bieber’s Most Memorable Arrests & Run-Ins With the Law

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Justin Bieber, 2014 mugshot. (Getty)

Justin Bieber is still in his early 20s, but the international pop star has a long rap sheet of run-ins with the law. Most recently, the “Sorry” singer was allegedly involved in a physical altercation, leading to allegations of assault against Bieber. While this story is still progressing, we do know that it is a familiar predicament that the singer has found himself in.

Bieber‘s most recent run-in with the law has us looking back on all of the memorable times the pop star was arrested, charged, or involved in other allegations.

1. Photographed Smoking Marijuana in 2013

In January of 2013, TMZ published candid photos of Bieber with what looked like a blunt in his hand. According to TMZ, these photo were taken just one day after a photographer died trying to snap a photo of the pop star.

When the evidence of his marijuana use started to spread, he took to Twitter to make sure his fans knew he didn’t want to let them down.

This eventually led to a half-apology on Saturday Night Live. You can view this clip right here:

Though he technically didn’t have a run-in with the law during this incident, it marked the beginning of many controversies for the pop star.

2. Alleged Assault of Paparazzo in 2013

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Bieber. (Getty)

Leaving a Buenos Aires, Argentina nightclub in 2013, Bieber got into a confrontation with someone that took his photo. He then allegedly ordered his bodyguards to take the paparazzo’s camera and memory card. This photographer, Diego Pesoa, claims the pop star and his bodyguards assaulting him in order to get the memory card. Here is some video footage from the incident:

Bieber wasn’t charged until three years later, and cannot go back to Argentina since there is now a warrant out for his arrest in that country. In response to basically being banned from the South American country, Bieber took to Twitter to share the following message with his Argentinian fans:

“Argentinian beliebers I would like nothing more than to bring the #purposetour there but the Argentinian government won’t allow it. So sorry. If things were to change I would love to come but at this time I cannot. For everyone else in South America I look forward to seeing you.”

3. Assault in Toronto that Same Year

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Justin Bieber arrives at court for assault charges in 2014. (Getty)

About a month after the altercation in Argentina, Bieber found himself in a similar situation. This time however, the pop star was in his home country of Canada, and the assault took place in Bieber’s limousine. The driver of the car, Abdul Mohar, claimed Bieber repeatedly hit him on the head until the police were eventually called. Here is what the Toronto police said in a statement about the altercation:

“While driving the group to a hotel, an altercation occurred between one of the passengers and the driver of the limousine. In the course of the altercation, a man struck the limousine driver on the back of the head several times. The driver stopped the limousine, exited the vehicle and called police. The man who struck him left the scene before police arrived.”

Bieber turned himself in to be charged with assault. These charges were dropped later in 2014, which left the singer relieved. Unfortunately, Mohar filed a lawsuit against Bieber in 2015 in regards to the same incident. He was found guilty of assault and careless driving in June of 2015.

4. Charged with Vandalism for Egging Neighbor’s House in 2014

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Justin Bieber at Miami Beach Police Department, 2014. (Getty)

The young singer’s first serious run-in with the law that spread around the gossip sites like wildfire involved childish prank: egging. Bieber was caught on camera throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house, resulting in vandalism charges.

About a week after the egg-throwing incident, Police raided Bieber’s Calabasas, CA home. They found drugs, leading to the arrest of Lil Za, Bieber’s alleged “BFF” of the time. Za, real name Xavier Smith, was an aspiring rapper at the time.

According to the Huffington Post, he pled no contest to a misdemeanor vandalism charge when the case went to trial in July of that year. As a result of pleading guilty, the singer had to pay his neighbor nearly $81,000 in damages. Bieber was also ordered to undergo a 12-week anger management program. This charge also resulted in a two-year probation term.

5. His First Arrest: DUI While Drag Racing in 2014

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Justin Bieber Arrested In Miami Beach, 2014. (Getty)

Bieber’s first arrest came with a hefty list of charges. In January of 2014, the then-19-year-old was arrested for driving under the influence, resisting arrest, driving with an expired license, and underage drinking in Miami. He was caught drag racing a rented Lamborghini and was brought in for a mugshot and toxicology testing. According to his toxicology report, he also had marijuana and Xanax in his system.

The singer’s first mugshot, pictured above, quickly spread around the internet. As you can see, Bieber is smiling in the mugshot, which resulted in internet memes being created around it. Here are a handful of them.

You can see the full arrest report that was posted to the Miami Beach Police Department’s Twitter account right here:

At the time, rising star Ariana Grande took to her Twitter account to show support for her friend, Bieber. Here are her tweets, according to Music Times:

“days like today remind us how much more compassion, understanding and tolerance we need to have for 1 another… less judgement and critique.”

“we’re all human and we all have great amounts of pressure on us. when someone’s hurting, be there. we could all use a little more compassion.”