Justin Bieber Denies He ‘Peed His Pants’ in Paparazzi Photos

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Justin Bieber at Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s New Years Eve Celebration in Miami Beach, Florida. (Getty)

Photos of Justin Bieber surfaced this week with the international pop star sporting an embarrassing wet spot on his sweatpants. Did the “Sorry” singer pee his pants like the paparazzi photographs suggest? Well, according to Bieber’s quick response to the rumors on Twitter, it was just water and he wasn’t bothered by the spot.

Here is one of the photos that started all of the rumors:

It certainly is a suspicious wet spot on his pants, but the 22-year-old doesn’t look bothered at all. As it turns out, Bieber let his fans know that it was just water on his pants. He was happy that it made people laugh, though. Check out Bieber’s response to the photos right here:

He even went along with the joke, posting the following photo on Twitter soon afterwards:

Fans were also having fun with the paparazzi photos on Twitter. Here are some examples of reactions to the Bieber news:

Considering Bieber has been photographed nude in the past, embarrassing him might not be too easy. He somehow came out looking cool for his nonchalant attitude while walking around with pants that look like he had an accident. What do you think of this news?

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