‘Mind of Mine’ Singer Zayn Malik’s Top 5 Worst Tattoos

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Zayn Malik. (Getty)

Pop star Zayn Malik has 53 tattoos inked into his skin, according to PopStarTats.com. Much like other members of his former boy band, One Direction, Malik caught the body art bug, and the artwork on his body has increased just as his fame. Now, the boyfriend of Gigi Hadid has a number of great tattoos, but we’re here to take a look at his five worst ones.

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For one reason or another, these tattoos are the worst that Malik has on his body. Enjoy this list right here.

1. His Tattoo of a Large Gun

Malik has a large revolver tattooed on his left hip, which tattoo artist, Louis F Perez III, posted to his Instagram account, only to remove the image hours later. He got this ink in Los Angeles on November 21, 2013, according to PopStarTats.com. Accompanying Malik to the tattoo parlor was Liam Payne, who allegedly got a tattoo to commemorate a One Direction milestone. Malik just got a cool gun.

The tattoo caused quite the controversy, too. That might be why it was removed from Instagram. Here’s what Ray Nelson, president of the Guitars Not Guns organization, had to say ab out the tattoo at the time:

“It is a shame that anyone would think it makes you look cool if you get a gun tattoo. Promoting guns in fashion could lead to gun violence and we certainly don’t need any more of that.”

Malik has allegedly taken a step away from the gun scandal, saying that the tattoo is actually a water gun. Either way, it made the list.

2. His Out Space Tattoo Cover Job

Malik used to have the cartoon likeness of his ex-fiancée, Little Mix member Perrie Edwards, on his right bicep. You can see it in this older Instagram photo posted to Malik’s account:

That tattoo would’ve definitely made the list, but only because the two broke up. He covered this tattoo up with an outer space scene, featuring a UFO and planets in front of a black background. According to PopStarTats.com, it was Hadid that debuted Malik’s new tattoo via a SnapChat video of the pop star at the stove.

It looks like Malik’s “space monkey and rocket ship” tattoos influenced the Edwards replacement. Plus, this tattoo is right next to another example of his worst tattoos.

3. His Random Tattoos of Shapes


One of Malik’s first tattoos was the lightning bolt outline on his right upper arm. As you noticed with the tattoo we mentioned just above, that part of his arm has been filled in with a number of other tattoos. To accompany his lightning bolt, Malik got a number of geometric shapes inked into his skin. These shapes include two squares, a triangle and a circle.

Even as he updates the area around these tattoos, he’s made sure that the shapes stand out (as you can see above). While they seem to have some sort of meaning to him, the simplicity of the tattoos make them stand out amongst a sleeve of space monkeys, rockets, and more.

Here’s an example of how one of Malik’s own fans was a bit confused by these shapes:

4.His Random Finger Tattoos


When Hadid posted another, more recent SnapChat video of her boyfriend, we got a look at his crudely inked finger tattoos of symbols. They look more along the lines of amateur stick-n-poke styled tattoos, possibly even etched by Malik himself.

The randomness and seemingly meaningless symbols have plenty of people scratching their heads. PopStarTats.com reports that Malik has yet to explain what the symbols mean to him, so we’ll have to wait and see if we can take them off of the list.

5. His Tattoo of Smoking Red Lips

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Zayn Malik’s tattoos. (Getty)

Malik has a tattoo of red lips with smoke coming out of them on his right hand, as you can see in the photo above. You can also see the tattoo in another photo shared by one of Malik’s favorite artists, Perez, via his Instagram account:

View this post on Instagram

Fun tattoo on the homey last night.

A post shared by Louie F Perez III (@louie_perez_3) on Jul 24, 2015 at 4:13am PDT

While his many of his other tattoos have meaning behind them, fans haven’t learned the story behind this one. There might not be any meaning though, other than that it just looks cool. That is why it makes out list.

Make sure to check back for comments and updates on Malik’s worst tattoos.

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