LISTEN: Drake Takes Shots At Meek Mill On ‘More Life’

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The feud between Drake and Meek Mill has been well documented. Meek called out Drake for using a ghostwriter in 2015, all because the rapper neglected to promote the album Dreams Worth More Than Money. Drake responded with the one-two punch of “Charged Up” and “Back to Back,” all but squashing Meek on his own terms, while Meek responded with the muddled “Wanna Know.”

Now that the world has been blessed with Drake’s playlist More Life, its become obvious that the Champagne Papi is far from over Meek’s insulting words. On the opener “Free Smoke,” Drake drops subliminal jabs at his old foe, asking “How you let the kid fighting ghostwriting rumors turn you into a ghost?” Drake goes on to clown Meek, rapping “Oh you n*ggas got no jokes.” Read full lyrics here.

Drake takes another jab at Meek and his hometown of Philadelphia on the song “Can’t Have Everything.” Amidst his mid tempo meditation on life’s finer things, he raps “Finally got my n*gga in a free state/n*ggas tried to serve me a cheesesteak/I gave ’em back a full plate.”

This plays on Philly’s signature dish (Cheesteak), while affirming that Drake did indeed wash him in the beef. Check out the full lyrics on Genius, and stream the entire More Life playlist below.