Will Jennifer Lopez Still Be On Drake’s ‘More Life’?

After a few months of confusion as to whether Drake and Jennifer Lopez were dating, Lopez has finally set the record straight. But what does it mean for the musical record they’ve reportedly worked on together?

Lopez appeared on The Daily Show on Tuesday, where host Trevor Noah got right to the crux of what fans wanted to know: were her and Drake an item? “Let me clear this up,” she said, “I am not with Drake. Maybe that’s all I need to say.” While it provides some sort of finite answer, it is still unclear whether the two were together in some romantic capacity.

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Some think the cuddling and PDA reports that surfaced last December could’ve just been a marketing ploy to promote their record– a very elaborate, but nevertheless possible excuse. But given that Drake has never publicly alluded to the collaboration, it begs the question whether it even exists, or was a cover-up story for their lowkey romance.

Drake briefly mentioned Lopez during his Boy Meets World Tour, saying “I can’t even make a relationship last seven years!“– leading us to believe ties are definitely severed. Plus, many outlets, including AllHipHop, have pointed out that while the marketing may have been clever, the artistic idea of Drake and J. Lo making music together “doesn’t exactly scream good music” or commercial success. Based on these clues, we’d say the chances of a duet landing on More Life are slim.

Still, given that Drake has a history of channeling heartbreak into great music, Lopez might make it onto the record one way or another!

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