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Recording artist Becky G accepts the award for Favorite Female Artist – Pop/Rock onstage during the 2016 Latin American Music Awards. (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

Becky G is a Mexican-American musical artist from Inglewood, California. She first entered the music game in 2011 when she started posting covers to her favorite musical artists’ songs like Jay Z‘s “Otis” and Drake‘s “Take Care.” After getting thousands of views she got the attention of music producer Dr. Luke who signed her to his record label “Kemosabe” through RCA and she’s been non-stop since. During her time in the music industry, she has released a number of hit records, some which are her own like her biggest song to date “Shower” and some are keeping in touch with her roots of doing covers like “Becky from the Block” which is her take on Jennifer Lopez‘s hit song. As the years go by and each song released there is a noticeable growth from the 15-year-old who started out to the 20-year-old who is singing more mature lyrics.

No matter how successful Becky G gets, her small but catchy and popular discography shows how she always stays true to her California and Mexican roots. Between rapping, singing and now playing the yellow ranger in new The Power Rangers movie, Becky G can do it all. Below is a list of Becky G’s best songs.

1. “Shower”

Becky G – Shower"Shower" by Becky G Listen to Becky G: Subscribe to the official Becky G YouTube channel: Watch more Becky G videos: Follow Becky G: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Spotify: YouTube: Lyrics: You light me up inside Like the 4th of July Whenever you're around I always…2014-06-30T07:00:01Z

“Shower” was released as the first single to Becky’s G debut album that was ultimately never released. “Shower” was written by Dr. Luke, Cirkut, and Rock City and it was produced by Dr. Luke and Cirkut. Despite, Dr. Luke’s notoriety with pop star Kesha after she came forward with sexual abuse claims, Dr. Luke has been the main man behind all of Becky G’s success. “Shower” was Becky G’s first song to reach Top 20 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart peaking at number 16. Up until its release, Becky G was known solely as a rapper, she found her groove with this track by combining melodic rap over a pop instrumental. The song as an ode to how the good her crush makes her feel, “Whenever you’re around/I always seem to smile/and people ask me how/Well you’re the reason why/I’m dancing in the mirror n’ singing in the shower”

The music video for “Shower” adds to the great vibes of the song. The music video chronicles a summer house party from day to night. The video features rapper, T.Mills as Becky G’s love interest. In an interview with MTV, Becky G said, “We wanted to capture moments of feeling good, and me personally when I feel good is when I’m hanging out with friends or that special person. It’s a party basically” “Shower” is Becky G’s most viewed music video on Youtube with over 280 million.

Learn more about “Shower” here.

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2. “Can’t Stop Dancing”

Becky G – Can't Stop Dancin'Becky G's official music video for 'Can't Stop Dancin''. Click to listen to Becky G on Spotify:… As featured on Can't Stop Dancin' – Single. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:… Google Play:… Amazon:… More from Becky G Shower: Becky From The Block: Problem (The Monster…2014-12-03T08:00:01Z

“Can’t Stop Dancing” was released as the second single to Becky G’s debut album that has yet to be released. This song takes Becky G to her Latin roots with its fusion of African and Latin influences. Like the title states, once you hear this song you won’t be able to stop dancing. “Can’t Stop Dancing” has a remix with Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin that is just as popular. The song peaked at number 40 on Billboard’s Pop Song Chart. “Can’t Stop Dancing” didn’t have the commercial success “Shower” had which may be why her record label RCA decided not to release her album. Despite this, “Can’t Stop Dancing” is still the song you need to get any party started.

The music video for “Can’t Stop Dancing” has over 130 million views on YouTube and features Becky G at an island night party having fun and dancing the night away. Similar to “Shower” this song shows off Becky G’s singing skills and possibly introducing herself to the world as a young adult. The song which is set to a reggae type beat has seductive lyrics all over it, “I won’t stop you, no I like it there, you can even go further babe, cause nothing’s forbidden,” she seductively sings on one of the semi-adult verses of the guitar-driven track.” First rapping then singing and now acting in Power Rangers. Becky G is showing she can do it all.

Learn more about “Can’t Stop Dancing” here.

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3. “Play It Again”

Becky G – Play It AgainBecky G's official music video for 'Play It Again'. Click to listen to Becky G on Spotify: As featured on Play It Again – EP. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: More from Becky G Can't Stop Dancin': Becky From The Block: Problem…2013-05-06T07:00:11Z

“Play It Again” was a single released from Becky G’s Play It Again EP. This was Becky G’s first introduction to people who haven’t been following her YouTube covers of other artists. “Play It Again” is the quintessential pop song – it is fun and free. The song describes the feelings you get when you’re having a good time and the DJ plays the perfect song, “DJ play my song on the radio/Lifts me up when I’m feeling low/Drop the beat and play it again/Play it again yeah/DJ spin it back.” This was the perfect song to introduce Becky G to the mainstream with because it sets the tone for how all of her songs will make you feel – good and wanting to dance.

“Play It Again” features writers and producers, Pitbull, the Jam, the Cataracs and The music video features Becky G on the back of a convertible riding through Inglewood, California where she was born and raised. Like many of Becky G’s music videos, the people surrounding her in the music video are her friends and family. Everyone in the video is dancing and having a good time.

Learn more about “Play It Again” here.

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4. “Can’t Get Enough”

Becky G – Can't Get Enough ft. PitbullBecky G's official music video for 'Can't Get Enough', featuring Pitbull. Click to listen to Becky G on Spotify: As featured on Play It Again – EP. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: More from Becky G Can't Stop Dancin': Becky From The Block:…2014-06-05T04:26:10Z

“Can’t Get Enough” features rapper Pitbull and was released as the second single to her EP, Play It Again. The song is a duo lingual effort that has both Becky G and Pitbull rapping in Spanish and English. “Can’t Get Enough” reached number one on the Latin Rhythm Airplay chart and number 10 Billboard’s Latin Songs chart. The song was also re-released as a Spanish version that has Becky G singing in Spanish while Pitbull’s parts remain in English. This song showed Becky G’s crossover appeal into the Latin market. As a proud Mexican-American, Becky G went on to record several more songs in Spanish and is rumored to drop her debut album completely in Spanish.

“Can’t Get Enough” is undeniably catchy. Like many pop songs and Becky G songs the song has a very light feel and high energy to it. The song is a mix of pop and techno elements that are upbeat and makes you feel like you’re on a high paced journey. The chorus is the climax of it all with Becky G belting out, “The music taking me higher/Moving my body/You turning it up yeah (Becky G!)/I can’t get enough yeah (Mister WorldWide!)/I’m feeling inspired (y’all know the game plan)/Don’t want you to stop it (it’s the world)/You turning it up yeah (in the palm of my hand)/I can’t get enough yeah”

Learn more about “Can’t Get Enough” here.

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5. “Becky From The Block”

Becky G – Becky from the BlockDownload “Becky From The Block” on iTunes now: Check Out Becky G on Music video by Becky G performing Becky from The Block. (C) 2013 Kemosabe Records2013-04-08T07:00:13Z

“Becky From The Block” was released as a promotional single to by Becky G’s record label RCA to get her name out there. The song is Becky G’s West Coast take on Jennifer Lopez’ 2002 hit song “Jenny from the Block.” The song received positive reviews from fans and critics alike and Jennifer Lopez even made a cameo in the music video. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez explained her reason for doing the video, “I heard it and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s so cute.’ It was really adorable.”

The music video for “Becky from the Block” features Becky G walking through her hometown of Inglewood, California showing off her fashion sense the way Jenny from the Block would with tribal shorts, high-top sneakers and a peplum hat. The lyrics show off Becky G’s storytelling skills in her music detailing her life growing up on the block, “Yo, first grade, Oak street elementary/A few blocks from the Inglewood cemetery/I lived through hard times, according to my memory/Then I learned to rhyme like I’m reading up the dictionary

Learn more about “Becky from the Block” here.

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