Stone Sour Fan Gets Clotheslined by Security After Rushing Corey Taylor

Stone Sour

Screenshot from Video Stone Sour performed a show in Moscow on November 16, and a fan made the mistake of trying to rush frontman Corey Taylor on stage while he sang "Bother."

Stone Sour performed a show in Moscow on November 16, and a fan made the mistake of trying to rush up to frontman Corey Taylor on stage while he sang “Bother.” The attempt did not end well for the fan.

Taylor was in the middle of a solo rendition of “Bother” when the incident took place. The Stone Sour frontman had his head turned the other way when a Russian fan attempted to approach Taylor, but the guy didn’t get very far before a security guard rushed across the stage and clotheslined the fan in an NFL-worthy tackle.

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“Sucks to be you, dude,” Taylor said while the fan, who was still reaching his arms out to Taylor, was being dragged off stage. After finishing the song, Taylor shook his head and said, “Don’t come on my stage, motherf–ker.”

If you watch closely, you can clearly see an object fly out of the man’s hand when he’s hit by the security guard. While it is mostly like just a phone, holding an object while you rush the lead singer of one of the world’s biggest rock bands isn’t going to have a happy ending.

Taylor was still in good spirits despite the incident, and gave a shoutout to his Moscow fans on social media after the show.

“Moscow, what a gift. You were INSANE!! All my love to you and yours!! See you again soon!!” he wrote on Instagram, which he then shared on his Twitter feed.

Taylor and bandmates Josh Rand, Roy Mayorga, Johnny Chow and Christian Martucci launched their sixth studio album Hydrograd last year. Speaking about the record, Taylor told Louder Sound: “This album is great because it’s got elements of everything. It’s got the heavy energy of the 80’s, there’s punk moments, there’s hard rock moments – all the great amalgam of music. There’s even jazz and hip-hop moments, it’s really, really cool. It’s probably the coolest album I’ve made since the first Slipknot album. I feel very confident making that statement because it’s so good.”

Slipknot – Snuff [OFFICIAL VIDEO]Slipknot's music video for 'Snuff' from the album, All Hope Is Gone – available now on Roadrunner Records. Download now on iTunes: Site: iTunes: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: LYRICS Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence, And leave me with my sins The air…2009-12-21T17:25:13.000Z

Although Stone Sour’s tour is coming to a close and Taylor is focusing on Slipknot in 2019, he told Australia’s HEAVY Podcast Interviews that they have already started working on new material for Stone Sour.

“[Stone Sour have] so much good material that we’ve got that we’re working on. We started writing new music pretty much as soon as we got on the road.”

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