What’s New In Games This Week

So there’s a number of releases this week, but to be completely honest, most are not up everyone’s alley, at least around these parts. But FYI: there’s another Glee karaoke game coming out for the Wii, knock yourselves outs if you’re into that. Otherwise, how about…

The Dishwasher

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The sequel to 2009’s surprise XBLA hit is back, and with it, more of the same. Basically, hacking and slashing yourself through wave after wave of foes, whose numbers not only progressively increase, but their weirdness factor as well. The ability to unleash finishing moves upon pretty much everyone and anything with all manner of cutlery is also back, along with the one thing that everyone remembers the most from before: the visual style that could be best described as a 16 yr-old kid who spends all his/ her time at DeviantArt. This time you’ve got two separate paths to chose from; the hero from before and his step-sister. Who I thought was dead and the reason for the Dishwasher’s revenge quest from before, but whatever get read to slice and dice. Xbox 360

Dino D-day

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Again, the idea of Hitler attempting to turn the tides of war by tapping into dinosaurs to do the Nazi’s bidding is definitely one of those “LOL, if only such a game actually existed!” type of deals. But lo and behold, it’s April 4th and not the 1st, and this game is very much real. Think Medal Of Honor or Call Of Duty, back when they took place in WW2 and became bored to death of the SS (clearly due to their the designers’ limited imaginations), mixed with Jurassic Park. Expect everything one would find with a FPS these days, including multiplayer… and yes, you get to play as dinosaurs as well. Though personally, I’m more interested in being an army grunt, sans weapons, trying to take on a T-Rex with my bare hands. PC