20 Awesomest Instagram & Twitter Photos Shared by Olympic Athletes

The 2012 London Olympics are well under way and it looks like the Olympians are having a great time. This is the first Olympics where social media for smart phones has played a major role, and we’re all being treated to a behind-the-scenes look at our favorite Olympic athletes as they tweet and Instagram their shenanigans. So who exactly is having the most fun at the London Summer Olympics?

[BoxTitle]Alex Morgan, Queen of England[/BoxTitle]

Alex Morgan, a star from the USA Women’s Soccer team, had a surprise meetup with the Queen of England during a spa outing. That mask probably takes the gold for scariest thing ever.

[BoxTitle]Diana Lopez Dresses Like The Natives[/BoxTitle]

Diana Lopez, a member of the USA Women’s Taekwondo Team, dons some traditional England garb during her time in London.

[BoxTitle]Kevin Durant Dwarfs Diaz Jr.[/BoxTitle]

Olympic boxer Joseph Diaz Jr. is fully grown at 19 years old but looks more like a little kid when standing next to 6-foot-9 Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City Thunder.

[BoxTitle]Tom Daley Hangs with a Tall Dude[/BoxTitle]

The young English diving phenom, Tom Daley, is spotted paling around with a street performer while out and about in London.

[BoxTitle]Hope Solo Pulls a Hair Prank[/BoxTitle]

USA Women’s Olympic Soccer Team keeper Hope Solo pulls the old “Olympic-Ticket-In-An-Olympian’s-Ponytail” prank. Classic Hope Solo shenanigans.

[BoxTitle]Usain Bolt, Not A 9-5er[/BoxTitle]

Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, posted this photo to his Instagram with the caption “Rough day at the office.” We’ve all been there, Bolt.

[BoxTitle]Usain Bolt Tinkering with Ted[/BoxTitle]

We find Bolt on a better day, where he hams it up for the camera doing something we all wish we could’ve done to Ted.

[BoxTitle]Zombies On A Plane[/BoxTitle]

Eamon Sullivan, an Australian sprint swimmer, snapped a rather unflattering pic of a sleeping undead woman during his flight over to London for the Olympic Games, commentating that “Zombies on a Plane” shouild be Samuel L. Jackson’s new movie. We’d watch that!

[BoxTitle]Eamon Sullivan Loves People Who Sleep With An Open Mouth[/BoxTitle]

Hmm … I’m beginning to think that Sullivan likes snapping pics of unconscious people a little too much. This time the victim is his Olympic roommate. He hashtags #mouthopen #closebeds. Creepy but hilarious.

[BoxTitle]Swimmers Are Weird[/BoxTitle]

Swimmers are weirdos. I’m beginning to think they’re the band kids of the Olympics. Here is USA Women’s Swimmer Natalie Coughlin and a couple friends … stretching? Maybe?

[BoxTitle]Take A Break From Swimming By Swimming![/BoxTitle]

I thought that this was a normal picture and I was worried about how I was going to be able to switch gears after calling all the Olympic swimmers mouth-breathing nerds (get it?). But luckily I realized that this seemingly innocuous bit of leisure time is marred by the fact that Coughlin spends 90 percent of her time in the water swimming and decides to blow off some steam by … swimming. Olympic band kids I’m telling ya!

[BoxTitle]Too Big For The Olympic Beds[/BoxTitle]

Here is Tyson Chandler of the USA Basketball team modeling the Olympic bed and exhibiting why Team USA wasn’t able to stay in the Olympic Village.

[BoxTitle]Andre Iguodala Looks At Himself[/BoxTitle]

It never occurred to me until just now that Andre Iguodala looks startlingly like Chris Rock.

[BoxTitle]Coach K is a Yoga Enthusiast[/BoxTitle]

Did you know that Coach K is an avid yoga enthusiast? Check out this Sitting-Dog-Facing-Sun-Moonlight-Beam stance he does on the court in order to get in a positive mental state. Did you also know that I have no clue about yoga?

[BoxTitle]James Harden Caught Napping[/BoxTitle]

It’s not only on the defensive court that James Harden has been caught napping recently, the USA Basketball team has been playing a game of nap tag during the London Olympics and Harden was one of its first victims, hashtagged #Gotem on Instagram.

[BoxTitle]Carmelo Anthony Snoozing[/BoxTitle]

Carmelo Anthony was the next victim of the #Gotem wars. Laced with some props, Team USA poses to notch another on their #Gotem bedpost.

[BoxTitle]Russell Westbrook #GotEm[/BoxTitle]

Poor Russell, he was caught sleeping so bad you can almost see the drool coming out of his mouth.

[BoxTitle]Kevin Love Wins The #GotEm Wars[/BoxTitle]

And Kevin Love swoops in for the win, managing to get almost the entire Team USA napping on a flight including Coach K way in the back.

[BoxTitle]Just Your Normal Trip To Johnny Rockets[/BoxTitle]

Oh yeah, no big deal, just heading to Johnny Rockets with Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, and Chris Paul to get cheeseburgers and shakes.

[BoxTitle]And Lebron James Still Manages To Be A Dickhead[/BoxTitle]

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