Exploded Cocaine Condom Kills Dealer’s Mother-in-Law: Cops

A man whose mother-in-law died when $120,000 worth of condom-wrapped yeyo exploded in her stomach was in court today in New Zealand, reports stuff.co.nz.

Alleged Kiwi Scarface Peter Leaitua is charged with manslaughter in the death of his wife’s 37-year-old mom. Leaitua is 40. So there’s that.


Cops say the dead mother-in-law, Sorlinda Aristizabal-Vega, flew with the belly full of blow from Argentina to New Zealand back in September, with Leaitua, his wife and their two kids. Typical family trip. Vega died a day later.

According to stuff.co.nz, Leaitua was tied to an Argentinian drug ring broken up by a police operation called “Operacion Canguro – Kangaroo in Spanish – to describe the syndicate’s practice of moving drugs through New Zealand and Australia on their way to Europe.”

Unfortunately, the drugs in this mother-in-law marsupial never hopped that far. Instead they gave her a massive heart attack.

What was Leaitua allegedly thinking? Either the coke arrives safely and I score some serious cash, or the condoms blow up and it’s bye-bye mother-in-law? Win-win …?

WARNING! DISGUSTING: Click HERE to see horrific photos of a dead drug mule’s autopsied insides. If you’ve ever thought of smuggling coke in your tummy, click and look so we can save your life. If you haven’t, don’t click. Seriously, this is pretty gross.

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