Man Brings 15-Year-Old Boy to London Olympics as Prostitute: Cops

2012 London Olympics

A 35-year-old man named Jason Daniel Gandy has been sent back from London where he had allegedly brought a 15-year-old boy to work as a prostitute for the 2012 London Olympics. Yea, this is going to be a gross one.

Gandy is a licensed massage therapist from Houston who runs a massage parlor from his home. The 15-year-old boy would allegedly spend at least one night a week with Gandy where he would massage Gandy’s clients in the nude and provide them with a happy ending. Maybe this Gandy guy should hang out with John Travolta.

Clients were also allowed to fondle the boy and Gandy, himself, allegedly had sexual interaction with the boy.

I just keep cringing throughout this entire story. It just gets worse and worse.

Gandy brought the boy to London for the 2012 Olympics to service international travelers who might be looking for a “good time.”

After arriving in Heathrow, he was immediately stopped by immigration agents, questioned, and then sent back to the US. The boy was sent back too, on a different flight. He is now being held in jail without bail. Hooray! Something not soul-crushing in this story.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how they met, they met through a mutual friend on Facebook. Of course they did. Everything about this story just makes me want to stab sharp objects into my eyes.

It’s no surprise that an alleged sexual predator and pimp like Gandy chose to bring his child prostitute to London for the Olympics. The Olympics are a well known sex fest for athletes and spectators alike. But, of course, the vast majority of that is consensual and legal.

Anyway, good job, London. Now I’m going to shower for the next five hours and forget I know about this.