Shaun White Grinds Bar Refaeli at Olympics as Michael Phelps Swims

If Shaun White weren’t the god of snowboarding he’d be in his parents’ basement masturbating to a magazine spread of Bar Refaeli.

But he is the god of snowboarding — a two-time Olympic gold medalist — and it’s supermodel Bar Refaeli hanging all over him in this photo taken of them cheering on Michael Phelps today at the London Olympics. Phelps breaks the record for most Olympic medals, and Shaun breaks the record for goofiest-dude-seen-together-with-most-beautiful-woman-at-the-Olympics.

The cuddly camera shot fuels ongoing speculation that the two are involved in a non-platonic way — as in some sick grinds, grabs and backside 180s, if you know what we mean. They do look, um, good together. One-half amazing, one-half goofy = good. But let’s not begrudge Shaun his luck with the ladies. We’re jealous. He’s awesome. She’s beautiful. We’re … depressed.

Via Eonline.

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