Transit Escalators Clogged with Insane Amounts of Human Turd

Ever wonder what it looks like inside an escalator?

Well, if it’s an escalator in San Francisco’s BART transit system, it’s filled to the brim with human crap and piss.

That’s right — these miraculous people-movers that save us all so many steps also double as conveniently motorized s**t-swallowers for homeless folks.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that one escalator was so gummed up with turd that maintenance workers had to call a haz-mat team.

While the Escalator Excrement Epidemic is particularly acute in San Francisco, we’re assuming the practice of pinching loafs onto the moving stairs — to watch them ground off into the bowels of the mysterious machine — is not specific to the Bay Area. So wherever your morning commute takes you, while you’re shuffling from the train to the street, think about what’s steaming beneath your feet. Or maybe just take a cab until you can wipe that visual from your psyche.

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