70-year-old Dude Skydives 70 Times on 70th Birthday

Larry Ekstrom marked his 70th birthday by making 70 separate skydive jumps. It took 10 hours for the Michigan madman to top his prior claim to fame: 60 jumps on his 60th birthday.

This white-bearded wacko is into extremes, but this kind of repetition sort of turns the extreme into the mundane.

“It kind of got routine, but it’s always fun,” he told the Daily News.

Whatever, Larry. Let’s see you do something that really gets your adrenaline pumping. We want a legitimate risk of heart attack. Skydive naked with rattlesnakes or something. On drugs. This I-can-jump-over-and-over-again crap is getting old.

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Via Wane.com.

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