Alex Morgan: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

One of the major highlights of the London games has been the US women’s soccer team. Coming in as the top ranked squad, they continued their dominance on the field by outlasting nail biters versus Korea, New Zeland and our lovely neighbors to the North (Oh! Canada!). At the center of this historical squad is soccer hottie, Alex Morgan. Morgan has emerged as a major standout player of the tournament thus far and will be looked upon for a big play during the match versus Japan. Also, she is super hot.

Who is Alex Morgan? What makes her super? Is she single? We did some snoopin’ around to find out more about what makes Alex Morgan such a KEEPER! #soccerpuns! #facepalm

1. She is Super Clutch

Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan Head-butt

Hands down, the most intense single game in the London olympics thus far was the match versus Canada. The US team was down for most of the game but ended up tying the Canadians 3-3 to force the match into overtime. In OT, Alex headed a cross (Soccer’s version of the “Alley-Oop”) from her teammate into the Canadian net in the 123rd minute of the match. I’m gonna give you two truths right now. Truth #1: I did not sit down for the last half hour of the game versus Canada. Truth #2: When Alex Morgan headed that ball in past the Canadian goal keeper I shrieked like a little girl. No need to call the mechanic here, there is nothing wrong with that CLUTCH! #Carpuns! #facepalm

2. She’s the Youngin’ on the Team

Alex Morgan, US Flag

What were you doing when you were 23? Because Alex Morgan was kickin’ some international asses all over the soccer pitch. Morgan’s exceptional talent caught the eyes of US soccer scouts back in 2008 when she was brought in to play for the national U-20 team during the FIFA U-20 World Cup in China. After dominating the U-20 circuit she was brought in to play for the big boys (excuse me, big girls) on the US national squad. Despite being the youngest player on the squad, she was able to notch 2 goals during her first FIFA World Cup in 2011.

3. She Isn’t Afraid to Bare it All

Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan Body paint, Swimsuit Edition

Look at this picture from the 2012 Sports illustrated Swimsuit edition. Best part of that picture? That isn’t even a swimsuit, that is body paint which means she is one of the nakedest people in the history of the Swimsuit edition. Take a look at that and get a tissue because you probably just drooled all over your keyboard.

4. She’s a California Girl

Morgan is West Coast through and through. Born and raised in California, she started her soccer career at Diamond Bar Highschool. Upon graduation, she chose to stay true to her California roots and attended University of California at Berkeley where she ended up scoring the third most goals in school history (45).

5. She is Super Smart

Alex Morgan

During her time at U-Cal Berkeley she dominated the classroom as well as the soccer field. Majoring in Political Economy, she was named to the CoSIDA/ESPN Academic All-District team and was a three time PAC-10 all Academic honorable mention. I wouldn’t be surprised if she one day ends up being a super hot senator.

6. She Was a Number One Overall Draft Pick

Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan Exercising

After graduating U-Cal she decided to enter the WPS draft (Womens Pro Soccer). Morgan ROCKED the draft and was selected as the first overall by the Western New York Flash. Later on she was traded to the Seattle Sounders which we can all agree was the worst decision that the NY Flash ever made. Ever.

7. She ROCKS Twitter

Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan Soccer Ball

763,382 followers. She is like the Justin Bieber of Womens Soccer. That being said, she isn’t just blowing up the Twitter-verse. There have been many fan created facebook and Tumblr pages that have popped up since the beginning of the Olympics. My personal favorite?

8. She Was #66 on Maxim’s Hot 100 List in 2012

Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan Maxim

How did they chose her? Take a look at that picture and I’ll give you one guess.

9. Her Nickname is “Baby Horse”

Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan Celebrating

According to teammate, Megan Rapinoe, Alex was given the nickname “Baby Horse” when first joining the team. “Just so much talent. Obviously very raw, she was kind of wild.” says Rapinoe
“And now she’s a beautiful stallion, I think.” I’d ride that horse! (Too far? Too Soon? Not far enough?)

10. She Has a Boyfriend

Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan Boyfriend, servando carrasco

Feel free to put on something sad while you read this paragraph (I suggest that Sarah McLachlan song from the ASPCA commercials that show cats and dogs without homes). Alex is currently going out with Seattle FC soccer star, Servando Carrasco. The two have been going out since her first year at UCal where they met playing soccer. In a recent interview, Carrasco said that the two were still going strong and that “We’re going to be together for a very long time”. I can wait Alex, I can wait.

Need more Alex Morgan? Click the link for her 20 Hottest photos.

20 hottest photos of Alex Morgan


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she is an amazing soccer player she is the best o the best.

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