‘Death Wish’ Coffee is Like Meth in the Form of Beans

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Enough with you d-bag connoisseurs. Beer is for getting drunk, and coffee is for getting as cranked up as you can without risking a felony.

That’s why the straighforward marketing strategy of Death Wish brand coffee is so refreshing. Calling itself the “World’s Strongest Coffee,” Death Wish is crystal clear about what it is. Crystal-meth clear, you might say.

Adweek reports:

Death Wish Coffee bills itself as “the responsible coffee company with an irresponsible product.” This Jolt cola of java, available for $19.99 per pound online, is the result of a personal quest by the brand founders “to find a coffee that is not only dark, rich, bold and flavorful but also has high caffeine content.”

It’s straight-up drugs in bean form. Death Wish has 200 times the caffeine content of normal, non-crack coffee. That’s some pure s**t. And at $20 a bag, it’s a lot cheaper than a gram of coke.