Dude Kicked Off Plane for Refusal to Pull Up Saggy Pants

A Spirit Airlines passenger with his butt hanging out of his pants was kicked off a flight over the weekend when he refused to pull up those ridiculous saggy jeans.

The urban-fashionable fellow was tossed before the flight left Chicago for Orlando, reports the Daily News:

“It was to the point where his entire bottom was hanging out, and that’s not appropriate,” [spokesperson Misty] Pinson told WBBM Newsradio. “We have a lot of customers on the plane, a lot of children on the plane.”

When the flight attendant asked him to hike up is pants, the butt barer “became aggressive” and “threatened to smack the flight attendants.” The airline says his behavior, not his fashion, led to his ejection.

The below-the-butt-jeans fashion trend has prompted regulatory ordinances in many towns and cities … how do you feel about this kind of crackdown?

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1 Comment


YES you should pull up your pants.I wish we had two of everything one place where people can do anything they want and here a place were we all agree on a set of rules and live by them.The folks that digg wearing pants down around their knees the women that want to be topless in the summer so they can walk the girls unencumbered.Allow those folks to live together like in that old 80’s film escape from new York.

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