Face-Kini is the Most Terrifying Beachwear Ever

If the thought of absconding to a beach full of Mexican Lucha-Libre villains and / or potential bank robbers tickles your pickle, then look no further than Qingdao, whose infamously human-infested beaches have sprung about a new head fashion trend that makes wearing surgical masks passé.

They’re called Face-Kinis, which really makes no sense considering bikinis are to be worn on the torso and crotch regions. What this is, though, is an ominously threatening ode to bank heist films (Point Break, The Town) and midnight Mil Mascaras movie marathons.

The Face-Kinis cost upwards of $4, but if your terror-inducing headgear fund is a bit dried up, you can make your own garb right from home with some old clothes, because the only thing better than scaring the shit out of everyone on the beach is smelling your old underwear while doing it.

If you’re wondering why China has adapted these melon masks, it’s simple. They don’t want to tan. Instead, they’d rather populate their beaches with the blue, alien-fish guy from the Hellboy films.


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