Will Seth Meyers be Kelly’s New Regis?

Drumroll please. After almost a year of 59 guest hosts, Live with Kelly is getting a new host. On September 4, the official announcement will be televised live. For months, rumors have been circulating about who will snag the job. What took so freaking long? Come on, is this for a daytime talk show host or a seat in the state senate? While Regis Philbin had some heavy shoes to fill, the waiting and anticipation is beyond overdue. Choose someone all ready.

Live with Kelly has been without a co-host since November of last year when Regis Philbin left his veteran post. Front-runners for the coveted slot are Seth Meyers, Pat Kiernan of NY1, NFL player Michael Strahan, Josh Groban, and Anderson Cooper. With Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, and Neil Patrick Harris out of the way, the selection seems to be narrowed down to a entertainer who needs to be as charming and professional as Ripa. This person has to stand out and be strong. Since The View tapes live right after with a panel of women, it’s unlikely to see another woman taking the place of Regis. Given her chemistry with all of the men, it’s hard to know who will be the lucky guy in just two short weeks. If I were to guess who that person will be, my money is on Seth Meyers.