Gabby Douglas and the Celebrity Tweets Who Love Her

Gabby Douglas winning the gold in the gymnastics all-around has become a watershed moment for the USA in the 2012 London Olympics. America has received its new Olympic sweetheart. It’s more than Gabby becoming the first black woman to win the event, which is a huge milestone in itself, but the story reverberates deeper. Gabby Douglas is an embodiment of the American Dream. She was raised by a single mother who sacrificed everything because she believed in her child’s potential. She had to go against her motherly instincts and let her 14-year-old daughter travel cross-country to train with an acclaimed coach in order to prepare for the London Olympics. Nothing was guaranteed. Gabby has been training for this Olympics since she was 12, and it all came together in one moment. All of the hard work, risks, and sacrifices have paid off and Gabby Douglas is already signing sponsorship deals with Kellogg’s with many more to come. Twitter was rightly ablaze with celebrities and pop icons sending out their congratulations.

Mary Lou Retton knows the exact whirlwind Gabby Douglas is in right now. Back in 1984 Retton won the all-around woman’s gold at the same age as Douglas, 16. Retton tweeted this awesome picture of four generations of US Women’s Gymnast champs.

Superstar producer Timbaland sent out his congratulations to Gabby, telling her: “u did ur thang.” Yes, she certainly did her thang and not ur thang Timbaland. Oh Timbaland, u so silly.

Oprah tweeted about her flowing happy tears, which has to be an unfathomable event to process for a 16-year-old. You made Oprah cry … but in a good way. Pretty nuts!

Elizabeth Banks sends out her adulation for Gabby Douglas as well.

What’s a quicker way to take a strong, young, supremely talented gymnast and turn them into a disease-ridden corpse? Accepting “*kisses*” from Nicki Minaj. Stay away from our Olympic sweetheart you bottom-heavy hack!

Lil Wayne sent his congratulations … Okay. Moving along.

This is crazy, getting tweeted to by the president of the United States? THE POTUS? And then also by Oprah in the same day? Talk about crossing off your bucket list, right?

Alt-Pop Faux-Rock Feminist-Tween-Idol Pink said some words of encouragement to the Women’s Gymnast team.

From one world champion to another. Pretty awesome, pretty heavy.

Samuel L. Jackson continues to run the best and most entertaining Twitter account ever.

Also, Missy Elliott is still alive.

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