Gabby Douglas’ Dad Wants in on Olympic Gold Cash

Gabby Douglas' father, Timothy Douglas
The London Olympics might be over for Gabby Douglas but it seems the fight for her money has just begun.

According to a National Enquirer report, the rights to Gabby’s worth are being fought over by her recently divorced parents, Timothy Douglas and Natalie Hawkins. The couple got divorced earlier this year 2 weeks before Timothy was arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Timothy, who served over 17 years with the Virginia National Guard, claims that he has the rights to Douglas’ endorsement earnings, which could total over $10 million in the near future, despite recent troubles with the law. “I feel like I’ve been the best father that I can be to my daughter and to my family” Timothy told The National Enquirer.

After he was arrested, Natalie Hawkins cut off all ties to Timothy. The feud grew bigger during the London games when Hawkins allegedly kept Timothy’s family from watching Gabby compete. Gabby’s grandmother, May Douglas, told the enquirer that she didn’t know how many tickets were given to Gabby but did know that the Douglas family did not receive any and were forced to watch the events on screens outside the stadium. “Timothy and his family suspect that Natalie had everything to do with them not being able to gain access to gabby’s competition, and they’re furious about being cut out.” said a source close to the Douglas family.

Gabby has already come out on the record saying that her father wasn’t in the picture when she was growing up. This just seems like a classic case of a dead beat dad coming back to claim a piece of the prize he didn’t help win.

This story emerged during the “Fierce Five”‘s victory tour around the US. The team is currently in New York which is one stop on a planned 40 city tour.

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