Gabby Douglas’ Agent’s Hubby Called Nanny a ‘Black B*tch’ & Hit Her According to Lawsuit They Lost

Sheryl Shade.

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Patricia Francois.

Matthew Mazer Sheryl Shade Gabby Douglas

Matthew Mazer.

Gabby Douglas’ agent has lost a lawsuit claiming that her husband called their nanny a “stupid black bitch” and then slapped her.

The irony is off the charts: Gabby Douglas, the most prominent African-American figure in gymnastics and the first black woman to win Olympic gold in the all-around, has an agent who lost a lawsuit claiming that her husband yelled racial slurs at their nanny and then beat her to the point where she allegedly “had difficulty moving about because of the pain,” according to the official complaint (read full complaint below).

The alleged incident took place April 3, 2009. RadarOnline reports that a fight broke out in the home of Sheryl Shade, Gabby’s agent. Sheryl’s husband, Matthew Mazer, was allegedly berating their daughter when the nanny, Patricia Francois, came in and tried to defend the daughter.

Mazer then allegedly called Francois a “stupid black bitch” and said that he hopes she “die(s) a horrible death.”

The complaint claims that Mazer then slapped Francois, who then struggled against him and tried to call the police. Mazer then allegedly twisted her hand and punched her in the face and torso.

The complaint goes on to allege that Francois “suffered physical injuries, including severe bruising and swelling on her face and hand, headaches and backaches. Additionally, she experienced ongoing emotional distress, including humiliation, stress and trouble sleeping.”

Eventually 911 was called and the police arrived. When they got there Francois supposedly opted not to press charges because Shade was out of town and no one would be able to watch over the child if Mazer was arrested.

Francois could stand to get a hefty compensation check from Mazer, which could total around $140,000.

Francois vs. Mazer and Shade via RadarOnline

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