Human Brains, Hearts, Lungs Found in Auctioned Storage Unit

human body parts found in storage locker

You know those auctions — there’s a reality show about it — where you blindly bid on an abandoned storage locker, kind of like a grab bag the size of a house.

Sometimes you’ll get some sweet unused tires, or maybe an antique bureau, or … HEARTS, LUNGS AND BRAINS! The remains of MORE THAN 100 DEAD BODIES sorted in cups, garbage bags and Tupperware!

That’s the storage horror that greeted the highest bidder on a Pensacola, Florida, storage unit last week. As the buyer got a closer look at the treasures inside the locker, a rotten stench led to the gruesome discovery.

Cops are probing the sickening scenario. The locker allegedly belonged to former medical examiner Michael Berkland, who the AP reports was fired for not filling out autopsy reports.

Apparently, he was too busy filling his pockets with human organs.

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